You’ll most likely have a few questions before working with me, so I’m hoping the following will help explain any simple questions you have. If you want to get in touch to work with me, drop me a message by clicking here, and let’s talk.


Before we record with you, what should we have ready beforehand?

As much as possible. Ideally, you want the songs mostly written, but even if not, the number 1 rule is to make sure your instruments have been recently set up, with fresh strings on your guitars and bass, a well looked after set of vocal chords on your singer, and some new skins on your drums. Garbage in, garbage out is a phrase commonly used. We can do a lot of stuff to make the songs sound awesome, but it always starts with the songs and your instruments.

Do you offer online mixing?

Yes, I can mix projects sent to me over the internet. Websites such as Dropbox and WeTransfer allow you to send large files to other people, with the latter being my preferred choice.

Do you offer mastering services?

I can faux-master your work for you. Mastering is a super important part of the recording process, and I would always recommend using a dedicated mastering engineer to perform this final stage of making a record. However, if the budget is tight, I can bring you tracks up to a commerical volume and tonal balance, at a release-worthy standard.

I’ve heard you do graphic design. Can you work with my band?

I do a bit of graphic design on the side. Most commonly, I create lyric videos for other bands and artists looking for a low-cost, high-quality lyric video for their music. I have a little bit of experience in logo design, but most of my skill is in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign – if you have any graphic work you wanna shoot my way, contact me on this site and I’ll let you know if I think I’m the right fit for what you’re after.